Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music [Videos] of the Moment - February 25, 2009

So my sister Alexis and I went on the way back from Ihop for the free pancake jawn and on the way back, we heard one of my favorite songs from Hoobastank, The Reason. Back during senior year of high school, this joint went so hard. The video for the song was the first half of a two-video series. For some context, the band stages a diversion in order to steal a ruby from a pawn shop. Without me giving up too much, the band goes through with the heist in the first video. A lot happens during the second video, including the band having auditions for a new band member. Peep who tries out for the lead. Here are the first and second video from the series. But yo, really check out the musicians that try out for the band in the second video. Owwwwww.

Pt. 1 [The Reason]

Pt. 2 [Same Direction]

The second video picks off where the other leaves of and the police have showed up. Owwwww.

And I know he's been doing some wild shit lately, but this video reminds us that 'Ye is a beast.

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