Friday, February 13, 2009

Jermaine O'Neal Heads to...Miami??? Oww.


I've always like Jermaine O'Neal as a player, even though he played big years in Indiana. I think that even though the Heat had to give up one of their more consistent players in Shawn Marion, they got the size that they needed. Now the Heat have a big man that can at least give Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard some trouble. And it will add to more offensive production on the inside. Good trade for the Heat. The entire trade included sending O'Neal, along with Jamario Neal and a future first-round draft pick to Miami for Marion, Marcus Banks and cash.

D.Wade and Jermaine O'Neal are about to fucking ball in Miami. Throw in my man Fabolous, I mean Mario, and B'Eazy and it's about to get really interesting in the East. Ow.

I bet Shawn Marion was salty about getting traded the day after scoring the winning dunk against the Bulls. I guess that's what you get for messing with my team sonnn. When he got to practice today in Miami he got the news and was probably looking very Colt McCoy-ish:

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