Thursday, February 19, 2009

NBA Trade Ish

After much deliberation, I've finally decided that the Bulls made a good choice in sending Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons and Michael Ruffin to the Kings for Brad Miller and John Salmons. I was never really the biggest Nocioni fan, but he got the job done for us. Always played hard, never backed down...but he just wasn't necessary. I actually liked Drew Gooden but he just never lived up to the post-Kansas hype. He was a big man for us but Brad Miller gives us more of a realistic option in the post. I know that John Salmons will be an offensive threat and it should be interesting to see what he can do along side D.Rose, Luol and Ben Gordon. (If he stays.)

I also think it was smart for the Bulls to be aggressive in acquiring Miller and Salmons after it looks like Amare might be off the market after the Suns' firing of Terry Porter. Plus, I also don't think we still have enough bargaining chips to get to Amare even if he is still on the trading block. Another late thing I've heard is that the Bulls are planning to send Larry Hughes to the Knicks for Jerome James, Tim Thomas and Anthony Roberson. I'm not as big a fan of this trade but it's going to open up some cap space for next year. This move would also give us another actual chance to get Amare in a year or so. Ow.

Tyson Chandler was sent back to New Orleans after he failed his physical for the Thunder. Damn man. This is good news for the Hornets because even though they freed up some cap space by getting rid of Chandler, they took big steps back as a contender because Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox were NOT gonna cut it.

Other random trade ish:

  • Shaq's not going to the Cavs. Even though I would LOVE to see Shaq get another ring with another team, I just don't see this as likely to happen.
  • Rashad McCants and Calvin Booth are heading to Sacramento for Shelden Williams and Bobby Brown. (No, not that Bobby Brown.)
  • The Lakers shipped Chris Mihm to the Grizzlies for a second-round pick in 2013. Oh well.
  • And lastly, T-Mac is out for the season. And he pulled a Bobby Petrino on the way out.
T-Mac u mad.

[Note: And as hype as I am for the Bulls to get Brad Miller, let's just hope that we get this Brad Miller. Not THIS Brad Miller. Ow.]

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