Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bama vs. Texas Prediction


Let's be honest, it's easy to hate dislike Nick Saban. Sure, he's arrogant, might seem rude and "fun isn't a part of his playbook," but there's one thing you can't take away from Nick Saban: He is a good coach. Point, blank, period. As an LSU fan I'd have to be in denial not to admit that our last two National Championships [03 & 07] weren't the result of great coaching and recruiting done by Saban. That's why coaching is the main advantage that I'm giving Bama over Texas. That and Mark Ingram. The single advantage that I'll give Texas is that they have Colt McCoy and a more experienced team. But we also remember what happened when Florida had Tim Tebow...and a more experienced team. The point of this blog is to be right, not to hope that one of my team's arch rivals is defeated. Plus, I gotta go with the SEC school at the end of the day. Bama beats Texas.

[Note: I'm thinking the score's gonna be around 31-21 Bama.]

[Note #2: I HAD to post this picture just to mess with my boy @martEMCfly]


Couldn't let good ol Nick slide with this one...

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