Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cole...You Stupid [Early-Season] Dumb Athlete of the Year

Yesterday a good friend of mine, @B_5 posed the question:
The answer is "No."

Gilbert Arenas, you are the frontrunner for 2010-2011 Dumb Athlete of the Year for brining unloaded guns into your practice facility as a "joke" due to your refusal to pay a gambling debt?? More along the lines of Plaxico Burress than Dumb Athlete of the Year Alum Carlos Dunlap, an example could be made out of Arenas due to him transporting guns from Virginia to the District. Dumb. He claimed to take them from his home to keep them away from his young children. If you say so. Whether that's true or not will be argued but there's one thing that doesn't lie. And that' the numbers: $ 147,208 per game.

Gilbert Arenas, you are the [early-season] Dumb Athlete of the Year.

[Note: I don't know what's going to ultimately happen to Gilbert as a result of this but I do know one thing: Javaris definitely isn't getting his money now!]

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