Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My MacBook is Still Broken...This Made Me Feel Better

So yea, my MacBook has been in MacHeaven since right before Christmas. I've been forced to use a PC laptop since then and it is nothing short of wretched. I got spoiled by the speed, amenities and overall performance of my Mac but now I'm confined to this slow, heavy and dark Compaq. I found this video on YouTube the other day and it seemed to distract me from my sorrows...for awhile. It's a parody of The Lonely Island's I'm On a Boat video. If you haven't seen the original, take a late pass and check it out here. After that, peep the version from
I need my Mac back.

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Shaner said...

That was amazing...and disturbing. I hope that you can "come back into the Mac fold soon, my child."