Monday, February 8, 2010

Being Computerless Sucks... [Weekend Wrap-Up]

Due to driving from Baton Rouge to Atlanta and being without a computer for the ride, I missed posting on the biggest sports and music day of 2010. The Jealous. Speaking on the Super Bowl: asamp was right wrong. I'm not even upset because the Colts aren't my team, I'm just more surprised. Congrats to the Saints and their fans though. Drew Brees played his ass off and the defense held Peyton to a lot less than I expected. Good shit. And not only that, but this year's Super Bowl was the most watched television program....EVER. Yes, EVER. More people watched the Saints beat the Colts than the finale of For the Love of Ray-J. I know, hard to believe. But something that's not hard to believe is that Drew Brees is about to get PAID. Respect.

On the music tip: Jets. Smokee Robinson finally dropped. Oh, and it's dope as hell. Spitta did not disappoint with this one. Early favorites are Lemon Kush over Gucci's Lemonade and Vision over Kanye's Last Call. Shouts to @jus_huong for the DL link.

Lemon Kush

Download: Lemon Kush


Download: Vision

Smokee is instant classic shit. Just another thing that's not hard to believe.
Jets, nigga.

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