Friday, February 5, 2010

Must See Movies....that NOBODY Talks About.

First off, Fanboys is funny as hell. Point blank. If you've ever laughed at one of the other movies I've recommended, or even if you haven't, you still need to check this out. It's set in 1998 about a group of five friends and their quest to see Star Wars Episode 1: The Attack of the Phantom Menace. Does that sound nerdy enough for you?? The thing is, the movie's not set for release for another six months and one of the Fanboys is battling with cancer. So what do they do? Wait six months and go see it as friends?? Hell no. They decide to go through with something they've planned since middle school: break into Skywalker Ranch and steal a rough cut of the movie. Gangsta. The movie stars Sam Huntington [Not Another Teen Movie], Jay Baruchel [Knocked Up/Tropic Thunder] and the snooks of all snooks, Kristen Bell [Forgetting Sarah Marshall]. Just an overall surprisingly hilarious movie with cameos from Seth Rogen [two roles], Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith and Will Forte. Just those names alone make it worth it. But don't take my word for it, check out this scene with one of Seth Rogen's cameos:
Yea, it's true. Seth Rogen has been in every comedy produced since 2004. And I'm not mad.
Now on to Fifty Pills. This movie is about a college student that, upon returning to school from a terrible trip visiting home, finds out that his roommate threw a crazy party while he was away. The party was so crazy that he ended up losing his scholarship and is on the verge of having to quit school. His only hope in raising the money for tuition in time is selling the fifty pills of ecstasy that his asshole of a roommate gave him. It's starring relatively unknown actor Lou Taylor Pucci [Believe it or not, he was in Fanboys] and once again, the snooks, KRISTEN BELL. Another hilarious movie with cameos from Michael Peña [Crash/Lions for Lambs], Donnell Rawlings [Chappelle's Show] and Eddie Kaye Thomas [Finch from American Pie.] Check out this scene with Donnell Rawlings and Eddie Kaye Thomas. Pure comedy:
Don't sleep on Fanboys and Fifty Pills on some of those College Football-less Saturday afternoons. Plus, Kristen Bell is in both of em.

You won't regret it.

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