Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bulls...UnJealous'd. The Knicks...Treated.

So yea, the blog is back from a brief hiatus. Again. Work, as well as searching for a a new job, has really kept me busy lately. All-Star Weekend was cool and all [I guess] but after the lackluster Dunk Contest, I deemed the whole weekend pretty much as non-blogworthy. With that being said, yesterday's thrashing of the Knicks has been the best basketball news I've seen in more than a week. D.Rose balled, like always, with 29 and 6. Check the recap:
Also hot on the Bulls scene are rumors that we might trade for Tracy McGrady. We're a day away from the NBA trade deadline and I'm not 100% on how I feel about this trade. If this was five years ago and we're talking about getting Tracy McGrady, I might be hype but it's not. T-Mac has been one of the disappointments in the league over the last few years and we'll probably be giving up Tyrus and Kirk Hinrich for him. Eh. I'm also pretty partial to Tyrus because of his affiliation to LSU. We really loafed on getting Amare and Bosh so T-Mac might be the best we can get at this point. Hey, maybe a trade to Chicago is what McGrady needs to rejuvenate his career. If we do decide to trade for him, let's at least hope there's more of this:
than there is of this:
[Let's hope.]

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