Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Yea...Kings of Leon Have BEEN Dope.

Kings of Leon have honestly been around since around 1999 but they're really just recently getting the recognition they deserve. They did take home three Grammys last month though. With that being said, their second studio album, Aha Shake Heartbreak is the complete and utter unjealous. I didn't really hear about KOL until I heard Because of the Times so I did some searching and came to find that Aha Shake was just as good. It was even named by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 100 Albums of the Last Decade. Pretty beastly for a fairly unknown album. Here are my favorite two songs from the album, Taper Jean Girl and Rememo. Taper Jean Girl was even featured in Cloverfield, Entourage and the Shia LeBeouf joint Disturbia. Check the link. [Dope movie, btw] So yea, download these songs below and check the album out. It's good for new and old fans of Kings of Leon.

Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl

Download: Taper Jean Girl

Kings of Leon - Rememo

Download: Rememo

New album slated for later this year = Unjealous.

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