Sunday, May 30, 2010

Music of the Moment - May 30, 2010 // Cudi x Chip x LCD Soundsystem


Aight, new Cudi. And this is always a good thing. This time it's featuring Chip tha Ripper and the beat from LCD Soundsystem's new joint Dance Yrslf Clean. Oh yea, and it has an intro from......Christian Bale??? Yea. Dope track. Listen and download below.
Kid Cudi feat. Chip tha Ripper - All Talk

Download: All Talk

Even though I feel like Curren$y raps over the best beats on his mixtapes, I think Cudi raps on the most diverse. First Vampire Weekend's Ottoman for cudderisback, then Ratatat's Tacobel Canon for Heaven at Night and I can't forget the whole A Kid Named Cudi Mixtape.

Still waiting for Man on the Moon II...

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