Friday, October 2, 2009

AWR College Football Picks - Week Five

Last week proved to be the most unpredictable week of college football so far this season. I'm not gonna post my percentage but it was far from my 97% the week before. Anyway, here are my picks for this week:

Game of the Week:
  • (4) LSU Tigers at (18) UGA - You already know. LSU's taking this one and I'm headed down to Athens tomorrow to see it in person. Any Tigers making the trip, hit me on the celly. [CBS, 3:30]
This Week's picks:
  • (3) Alabama over Kentucky - This one's gonna get ugly. Bama is looking like the best team in the country right now Kentucky's....not. Big game from Bama. [ESPN360, 12:21]
  • (6) Virginia Tech over Duke - Another ugly one. Tyrod's on a roll after dismantling Miami last week. And it's not basketball season. [ESPN360, 12:00]
  • (7) USC over (24) Cal - The Trojans had Jahvid Best's number last year and held him to under 40 yards for the game. He might get a few more this year but it still won't be enough. [ABC, 8:00]
  • (17) Miami over (8) Oklahoma - The Canes are definitely going to bounce back after getting embarrassed by Tech last week. Plus, no Bradford for the Sooners. [ABC, 8:00]
Keep an eye on:
  • (21) Ole Miss at Vanderbilt - I'm looking forward to seeing how Ole Miss can respond to getting upset last week. I said they were hype and a second straight loss, to Vandy nonetheless, could solidify that. [ESPNU, 7:00]
  • (22) Michigan at Michigan State - This will be a good chance to see how real Michigan is. State's not necessarily a power in the Big 10 but they always play up for Michigan. Should be a good one that Michigan wins. [Big 10 Network, 12:00]
  • (25) Georgia Tech at South Carolina - Pretty intriguing middle season non-conference game. I'm not really convinced on USC, but I'm not convinced on Tech either. But their running game is official. We'll see. [ESPN360, 7:30]
  • Auburn at Tennessee - SEC matchup of teams that usually go at it. Chizik vs. Kiffin should be a good one. [ESPN, 7:45]
  • Washington at Notre Dame - Locker vs. Clausen. Two QBs on the rise in a game that not many people were looking forward to before the season started. Let's see if the defenses can keep up. [NBC, 3:30]
It might be hard to keep up with the scores this Saturday since I'll be in Athens with a lot of this mixed with this, but I'm pretty confident about this week. Bulldogs about to get the jealous.
Sorry UGA.

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