Monday, October 5, 2009

Music of the Moment - October 5, 2009

Ever since Blueprint 3 dropped, I've been amazed with the songs that were sampled for the album. I like them so much that I even put together a mixtape of all of the songs that Jay used. One of the ones that stuck with me was Alphaville's song Forever Young. The first time I actually heard it was back at the dance scene in Napoleon Dynamite. In searching for different versions of Forever Young I came across a great cover by a group called Youth Group. Like many covers, I think it might be even better than the original. Check both of em out and decide for yourself.
Alphaville - Forever Young [1984]

Youth Group - Forever Young [2006]

Two dope versions, but I'm goin with Youth Group.

[Note: The crazy story from Athens and my Brett Favre vs. Packers preview coming soon.]

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