Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Were Your Parents Thinking??? Pt. 2 [SEC Edition]

This post might be twice as bad as my last What Were Your Parents Thinking??? post. I'm actually sure it is. It's pretty funny because when I was thinking of some really messed up names, Knowshon Moreno was the first one I thought of and it's actually not that bad compared to some of the other ones I found. His name is really a combination of his father's nickname [Knowledge] and his mother's name [Varashon]. Not the most common name, but definitely not too bad.

But now, onto the next one: Barkevious Mingo.

This one hits close to home because Mingo is a freshman linebacker for the LSU Tigers. His name is so wild that Name of the Year crowned it the 2009 Name of the Year. Whoa. I'm not sure how or WHY the name Barkevious came about but damn....What Were Your Parents Thinking?????

[Note: Barkevious Mingo might be one of the best defenders on LSU defense this year and definitely has a shot to make it to the next level after college. Don't let the name fool you, dude is actually nice as shit on the field.]

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