Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Genius From Kanye

Recently, putting in crazy hours on the campaign has kept me away from updating my blog as often as I'd like and as a result I've missed out on blogging about Kanye's music-filled Summer. I hate to use work as an excuse but it's for real. He's been MURDERING as of late and since the RIAA has been yanking my download links for all of his new stuff, I figured I'd post a couple of my favorite early joints from Kanye along with their inspirations.

When I first got into Kanye I came across two joints in which he and Consequence go back in forth on classic hip hop songs all while maintaining the same rhyme scheme and meter of the originals -- get what I'm saying?? I know it sounds crazy but check em out and it'll make more sense.

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation [1994]
Kanye West & Consequence - Electric Relaxation '03
Download: Electric Relaxation '03

Souls of Mischief - '93 'Til Infinity
Kanye West & Consequence - '03 'Til Infinity
Download: '03 'Til Infinity

I mean, no knuck but that's pretty damn impressive. Not to mention they both came out dope. It goes to show why Kanye's one of my all-time favorites and why Consequence in underrated as hell.

Not sure if you can tell by now but...

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