Friday, July 9, 2010

The Decision...Aftermath

We waited long enough. After weeks and weeks of speculation, we finally know the answer to the question that every sports fan in the world has been waiting to know: David Lee is going to the Golden State Warriors! I'm glad we're not worried about that anymore. But in real news, we all know that Lebron James is now with the Miami Heat. Kind of surprising to some, and completely devastating to others. As a Bulls fan it's hard to not be disappointed, but it's not the worst thing to ever happen to us. But for Cavs fans....well.
And with all that being said, the person who possibly took it the worst was the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert. Check out the open letter he wrote for fans. Click for entire letter.

I can understand his anger but c'mon son, you had seven years to get players around Lebron but waited until he was gone to get all passionate about it. For some reason this reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman made Scott Tenorman cry and he licked his tears. Yea, this episode.
I sure hope Dan Gilbert has someone to lick his tears.
Cartman's got it.

Good luck in Miami, Lebron.

Bulls all day though.

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Lynn-Logue Baby said...

LMAO @ TheJealous2010 you a damn fool