Friday, July 9, 2010

My Lateness Appalls Me....Jordan's 2K11 Cover + More

We've known for awhile that the Greatest Player of All-Time, Michael Jordan, would be gracing the cover of the 2011 installment of the Greatest Basketball Video Game Series of all time, the 2K Series. What we didn't know, or at least I didn't know, was how dope the cover would be. I was expecting a recycled pic of his dunk from the free throw line or maybe even the infamous shrug from the Trailblazers game or shit, maybe even one of Jordan with his Hitler stache. But instead they hit us with this:
Pretty dope. Straight to the point but better than what I was expecting. And with trailers like these, I'm hype as shit.

October 5, 2010.
I'm coppin.

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MorehouseDMin said...

Hope the version on Wii is good