Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UConn's Women's Team Gives Stanford the Jealous

78 straight wins. A second consecutive National Championship. Seven under Coach Auriemma.

Wow. I don't care if it's women's or men's, tennis or soccer, basketball or lacrosse, that shit is impressive. What UConn's Women's basketball team has managed to do is insane, unheard of and incredible: two back-to-back undefeated championship seasons. It's still hard to believe. Geno Auriemma has to go down as one of the greatest coaches in modern sports history. For real. And shouts to Maya Moore, too. If you're reading this, you really do have the snooks. Congrats on your accomplishments, but not for too long. I know Geno won't allow it.


But for real, congrats.

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