Friday, April 23, 2010

Bulls/Thunder Each Win Game 3...We Have a Series..well two.

Put those damn brooms away. The Bulls shocked a lot of people [but not me] by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers last night in Chicago. Sure, Lebron had 38, 10 and 8 but Derrick Rose had 31, 7 and the W. Let the Bulls fans say:

We still have a lot of work to do to get the series to 2-2 but at least we know it's possible. Check the recap from last night:
The Thunder also got their first win of the series against the Lakers last night in OKC. Kevin Durant [29 & 19] and Russell Westbrook [27 & 8] balled fucking out last night. Even as a Kobe fan, you can't help but root for KD and Westbrook. Definitely the future of the league. And I KNOW I wasn't the only person that got geeked when they saw the #thuglife picture of Kevin Durant on ESPN's homepage:
Thanks Bulls and Thunder. That was quite unjealousing.

Quite unjealousing indeed.

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