Saturday, September 26, 2009

AWR College Football Picks - Week Four

I was 100% on last week's picks...except for USC getting jealous'd by Washington. We all knew that the Trojans would blow a game some time and I kinda figured after the Huskies played us so close that they were better than people thought. Anyway, on to the next one...

Game of the Week:
  • (9) Miami at (11) Virginia Tech - Jacory Harris vs. Tyrod Taylor. WOW. I'm goin with the Canes in this one. [ABC, 3:30]
This Week's Picks:
  • THE (7) LSU Tigers over Mississippi State - Duh. [ESPN 360/Peachtree TV, 12:00]
  • (1) Florida WAY over Kentucky. Even with a sick Tebow, the Gators are leagues ahead of UK. [ESPN2/ESPN 360, 6:00]
  • (2) Texas WAY over UTEP - Why elaborate??? [3:00]
  • (3) Bama over Arkansas - No McFadden or Felix to help the Hogs with this one. [CBS, 3:30]
  • (5) Penn State over Iowa - Sorry Web, payback's a bitch. [ABC, 8:00]
  • Oregon over (6) Cal - Cal barely squeeked by Minnesota last week while the Ducks are coming off a big win over (18) Utah. No LaGuerrette Brown, no problem. [ABC, 3:30]
  • Clemson over (15) TCU - I haven't seen much from TCU but Clemson is past due for a big game from CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford. Plus, I don't think Kyle Parker can mess this up. [ESPN 360, 3:30]
  • Texas Tech over (17) Houston - Kinda weird that this is an upset, but Taylor Potts is about to go ham for Tech. [ESPN2, 9:15]
Keep an eye on:
  • Arizona State at (21) Georgia - I'm still not sold on Joe Cox and I don't think Mark Richt is either. He needs to perform. [ESPNU, 7:00]
  • Indiana at (23) Michigan - No chance for Indiana in this one, but the Wolverines are finally fun to watch again. [ESPN2, 12:00]
  • Notre Damn at Purdue - Tryin to see what Clausen talkin bout. [ESPN, 8:00]
  • McNeese State at Tulane - I might be the ONLY person that cares about this game. Shouts to Damion and Dustan

Shit, about 30 minutes til kickoff. Ariiiiiiite.

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