Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Might Be the Damn JEALOUS. Damn, Kid...

First off, [LATE PASS.] Secondly, say it ain't so.

Christoper "Kid" Reid [of Kid 'N Play] has been reduced to....selling SUITS??? But wait, these ain't no JoS. A. Bank suits, either. They're not Men's Warehouse. They're not even K&G suits! He's selling suits for SW SUITS in CARSON, CALIFORNIA!!!?? Apparently, these suits are perfect for when "you're tryin to take your lady out, tryin to take your mother out" or for when "one of your homeboys gets SHOT." Wow, Kid. I guess he had "things to do" and he "couldn't wear shorts and flip flops."
Damn, Kid. Recession hit you TOO???!!!

1 comment:

NIC-KIA said...

i seen him do a show here in stockton...
it was a ammature comedy show and he was the special guest....he flowed at the end "kid & play" style!
shit was funny!
he still got it!! haha!