Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Yeah, I'm not the Biggest Tyler Perry Fan...Part 1

...I actually can't stand the dude.

Is it because of his two shitcoms that perpetuate stereoypes about Blacks?? Maybe it's the male-bashing movies that he loves to make?? Or could it be that he's a grown man parading in WOMEN'S clothES??? Nah. It's none of these. The first reason I can't stand Tyler Perry is because he thought it was ACCEPTABLE/NECESSARY to wear this big fake, nappy ass afro in his movie.

I was coerced/forced by my mom to watch The Family That Preys at our last Sampson family gathering. While all the women in my family were engulfed in the movie, all the guys were like: "Do you NOT see this big fake ass FRO this nigga is wearing?!!?" It was hard to to take the movie serious so I stopped paying attention after that. I mean, would the story not have made since if he would've just rocked a fade??? He was in the joint lookin like:

This is one post of many.
Tyler Perry must be stopped.


NIC-KIA said...

lmao! i love your sarcasmn!
hahaha but i gotta say...i love the man bashing!

Tricks & Lucky Charms said...

lmfao!!! Agreed!

Brotherman said...

I still got that picture of you watching the movie on tv. Just waiting for the perfect time to spring it out.