Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Reasons Why Martin Was the Shiiiiit...

Man, I don't know about you guys but when I was growing up, I used to love the tv show Martin. There was just nothing like it. It was more hood than Fresh Prince but not quite as bad as Def Comedy Jam. Perfect for a middle-schooler in the mid-90s. So anyways, Martin Lawrence subsequently became my favorite actor [yea, I know] and Martin went down in history as one of my favorite shows of all time. But it wasn't just because of Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy and Cole. Who could forget about my favorite characters: Bruh Man, Hustle Man and Bob from Marketing??? Funny as shit right?? So today's post is dedicated to these three classic characters. Enjoy.

Bruh Man

Hustle Man - Free Range Chicken

Bob from Marketing

I honestly think that Bob works in the same building as me now. No bs.

Oh shit. I almost forgot about JEROMEEEE...
[Note: Just so you know, Jerome's in the house; Ooh oww, ooh oww. Watch ya mouf.]

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