Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Day is Upon Us...College Football Has Returned

Man, I've been counting down since the Peach Bowl for today. College football is officially back in full effect and it's about DAM time. I'm gonna make this quick so I can go watch the Choke-hio State game and hit the Bama/V.Tech tailgate:

Today's picks are pretty easy:
  • My LSU Tigers (11) over Washington Huskies [Duh]
  • Alabama (5) over Virginia Tech (7)
  • Oklahoma State (9) over Georgia (13)
  • Oklahoma (3) over Brigham Young (20)
  • USC (4) over San Jose State
  • Ohio State (6) over Navy
  • Tennessee over Western Kentucky
  • Georgia Tech (15) over Jacksonville State [Damn Perriloux]
  • Boston College over Northeastern
This week was pretty self-explanatory. We all KNOW the Tigers are gonna work the Huskies. And I really feel like Jacksonville State would have had a shot against Tech had Ryan Perriloux been playing. The biggest question marks were the UGA/OK State and the Bama/Tech games. I'm not sure if UGA's new quarterback has the firepower to keep up with Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant today. And also, if Julio Jones and Mark Ingram would have remained suspended for today's game, they would have had a better chance. But they're not. So they don't.

Geaux Tigers.

[Note: Shouts to Greg Paulus is starting for Syracuse today. Wish him luck. He'll need it.]

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