Friday, September 18, 2009

Computer Nerds Unite...I Give You AnyClip

Imagine having the ability to find ANY scene from ANY movie EVER. That's pretty much what gives you the power to do. Crazy, right?? Although the site is still in its beta phase, its insane abilites have already been displayed. Check out the demo.
Pretty dope. Man, I wish this shit came out when I was in high school or college. I'm still trying to find the clip from Rush Hour 2 when Don Cheadle was like, "First off, I'ma whoop YO ass...and then, I'ma whoop yo ass." Props to anyone that can find it btw.

If it can really do what it promises, AnyClip might become a YouTube killer. [Uh oh.] We can expect to see a full version of AnyClip just as soon as Hollywood decides to lighten up on copyright infringement lawsuits and everything. Maybe we'll have it around the time that Kanye West and Taylor Swift do a track together.

Don't hold your the underlying theme I'm trying to convey.


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