Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Super Blown...Plus, a Random Beer Pong Video

I'm actually super blown right now. I wrote this sick ass entry about this past weekend's football games but when I got to my blog today I saw that it never posted. Damn. Everything from the weekend has been discussed on Around the Horn, PTI, Twitter and in front of Jazzman's so it's too late to post now. So to make up for this weekend's debacle, I'll just post this random video of amazing Beer Pong tricks. It's worth the watch. Ariiiiite.
Everybody in the video deserves one of these:

[Note: Shout out to @JC_Smooth for the vid.]

Music of the Moment coming soon...

1 comment:

Jai. said...

I thought "internet high five" was my thing. lol
Its international I suppose.