Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Music of the Moment - September 16, 2009 [Alex Goose - BP3 Outtakes...]

This might end up being my last time posting about Blueprint3 for awhile. Not only because I've been goin ham on it nonstop since it dropped last Tuesday, but because Cudi came out and it's hot. Anyway, the other day I was lucky enough to come across some beats that this kid Alex Goose made for Blueprint3 and, WOW. They're really dope. Like seriously. Goose posted a download link to the beats as well as just a steaming version if you just want to listen. Check out his site, and twitter [@AlexGoose] for more music.

Dude's about to blow up. Trust.

[Note: Now, TRY and tell me you couldn't hear Hov spittin over these. Don't worry, I'll wait...]

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