Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bears Fans Rejoice: Jay Cutler traded to the Bears. Owwww.

Can't be mad about this one.

Earlier today, the Chicago bears pulled the trigger and acquired Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler. Bout damn time. I was actually just starting to like Kyle Orton because of his toughness and ability to lead but COME ON...Jay Cutler?! You gotta jump at the chance to get a top-five quarterback. He wasn't cheap though. We gave up this years first and third round picks, next year's first round and also our our former started Kyle Orton. I still think it was worth it. Players like Cutler only become available while in their prime every blue moon and this is probably the biggest deal that GM Jerry Angelo has made in his career. I'm down with it and so is... Mike Ditka [And Rhodan.] Oh, and we get future Hall of Famer Orlando Pace. The waviness of these moves by the Bears is hard impossible to put into words. Owwww.

Is that the PLAYOFFS I see?????

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that shit went ham