Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drive Slow, Homie/Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son

Today was a pretty wild day.

I woke up to a blinking clock after a power outage in the middle of the night, so of course I was late for my early class. [Blown.] Then I get there to see that I got an A on a test that I was sure I failed. [Hype.] Then I found out that my consecutive 1:00 and 2:25 classes were cancelled due to a Morehouse visit from Ben Bernanke. [Extra hype.] Once I get there with Stew and Mike and we made it through the secret service, they told us that we wouldn't be able to leave once the joint started. [Blown. And we left.] So Mike gets the idea that we should get on Rock Band back at my crib. Of course I abided, so we ditched campus and Mike and Stew were gonna ride over and meet me at my crib. So they get here and Stew walks in shaking his head. I look at Mike and he's doing the same thing. I was like, Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son. Apparently, on the way to my crib the boys got pulled over by a Georgia State Trooper. The trooper claimed they were going 75 in a 50...and they weren't. The worst part was, the speed limit was 55!! But despite all of that, our band The Boomsookas killed Rock Band for about 3 hours.

But even though he's gonna beat the case like Rocky, I guess the moral of the story is, "If Ben Bernanke comes to speak at your school, GO." But if you decide to skip it, drive slow homie.

But it could have been worse. Mike could have pulled over and this happened:


RAS said...

lol...dat story go hard

the truth said...

pump ya breaks...