Monday, April 6, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 6, 2009

In my never-ending search for hard to find and newly discovered music, I stumbled across the band Phoenix. Now even though they sound like the bird from X-Men, they're a pretty hot band. The French, alternative band is from the same neck of the woods as Daft Punk and their sound reminds me of another band that I like, Does it Offend You, Yeah? The band has been around since the late 90's and are set to release their fourth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix at the end of May. [I'm coppin. You should too.] Check out the first single from their new album called 1901. It might make you want to do this:

I wouldn't blame you though. Owwwww.


Oh, and they were on SNL this past weekend with Seth Rogen. Rockin. Ow.

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Jai. said...

I love Pheonix!
I've been listening to their music for years.
Good summer soundtrack esp. "Run"

I see we have similar taste in music so.....
You should listen to Empire of the Sun, this dope Australian duo.
This one is kinda old from last summer but eh:

one of their newer ones:

and you NEED to hear this if you havent and look up the live SNL performance of it, insane:

(and the reason why Im blowing up your blog with all these comments is b/c our mutual friend Tony aka Nuplet keeps telling me to get on here)