Monday, April 13, 2009

World's Funniest Office Commercials. Oww.

Last night I did my usual routine of doing homework/watching classic comedy movies. This time the channel was TBS and the movies were Happy Gilmore and Old School but between the two was TBS's World's Funniest Office Commercials Special. Since I love commercials and advertising altogether, this joint was right up my alley. [Pause.] It was pretty much the same as the usual World's Funniest Commercials jawn, but all of the commercials in this one were in the corporate setting. And did I mention that it was hosted by Mike O'Malley?? Fucking Brilliant. If any of the job offers that I get even slightly resembles one of these commercials, then I'm T'd. Oh well. Here go my favorites from last night. [Most of these are available at the TBS blog at, even though the site sucks.]

Embassy Suites - Everyone Likes You

Motorola - My Wife Phone Call

FedEx Golf #1 [Boss Sick?]

FedEx Golf #2 [Into Golf]

FedEx Golf #3 [Red-handed]

BC Lions - Casual Friday

Hearing Foundation - Office

Rolling Rock - Thong

Bud Light - Swear Jar [Classic.]

Biggest Snub of the Night?? My man Terry Tate the Office Linebacker. HOW can you do a World's Funniest Office Commercials Special and not include T2??
Terry Tate Office Linebacker

This last one wasn't even on the show, but it was on the TBS blog. This dude is hilarious. And check his eyes at 0:45, he looks just like this dog. [If you've never seen this before, check the whole thing here.]

Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

Hahaha I love commercials.

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Anonymous said...

LOL dems some good ads right there. imma throw a cactus at this nigga in front of me