Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 22, 2009

Kid Cudi might really be nice. I've heard some good stuff from him, I've heard some aight stuff from him, but nothing bad. This new joint off of his latest mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland is pretty dope. It's called Daps & Pounds and it's just the latest of hot joints that Cudi has dropped. Check it out.

And if you never got on the I Poke Her Face joint with Kanye, Common and Lady GaGa, then you're sleepin.



Agent34 said...

D-Rose deserved the ROY trophy based on the fact that point guards are the hottest commodity right now, and he has his team in the playoffs. But, you're right about Mayo I had him winning halfway through the year.

Kid Cudi is a problem! I have an album review about him coming out soon. Check out another banger by him called "Sky Might Fall" feat: Rick Ross.

asamp said...

I had that joint up on the 17th.

I don't sleep on the Cudi joints.