Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter's Just Not The Same...

I don't mean the actual celebrating of the holiday isn't the same, that's still cool. I'm talking about what the kids are wearing on Easter Sunday these days. Let me explain. When my brother and I were young, our Mom used to make sure we were fly as hell on Easter. And by fly, I mean we were wearing bright ass pastel colors, stone-washed jeans and Cliff Huxtable sweaters. Ill. I refuse to believe that my brother and I were the only kids forced to wear loud and obnoxious clothing each and every Easter Sunday. My all-time favorite was the blue, pink, green and yellow plaid suits with the matching ties and a matching yellow shirt. That's what Easter fashion is all about!! Our Easter suits were so tight that all the other kids were looking at us like:

Every kid I saw today was dressed like they were trying to get a summer internship: regular clothes or navy and khaki. Come on parents, where's the motivation?!
Sampson Boys - Easter 1990

[Random Easter Video: SNL Easter Album]

Hope you had a good one. Oww.

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