Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music [Videos] of the Moment - April 16, 2009

For me to be such a big fan of the song Close to Me by The Cure, I guess I should at least be a fan of the band. I guess it's just that I like the song because I've heard it covered by at least four different bands, and everytime it's dope. I just heard about a tribute album called Perfect As Cats that's two discs worth of different bands covering classic Cure songs. If I check this joint out, I might actually start to like them. Ow.

Check out the original and two cover versions of the best Cure song of all time, Close to Me.

The Cure - Close To Me (1985)

The Get Up Kids - Close To Me Cover (2001)

Kaki King - Close To Me Cover (2009)
The Get Up Kids version is shitting on the original.

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