Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UNC Won. Big Surprise.

Michigan State failed to shock the world last night and got mildly embarrassed by a much better North Carolina team 89-72. [It wasn't as close as the score makes it seem.] This really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone...except all of the Michigan State fans that appeared overnight. Again, I'll admit that their run was impressive, but there's not way that they really thought they were going to win last night. It seemed like they were out of the game right after the opening tip. Hansbrough = Yaye. Lawson = Beastly. Ellington = MAN. All three of them had big nights for the Heels, combining for 58 of the Tar Heels' points. Ty Lawson also set a Final Four record with 8 steals on the night. It was never really a game after went up 20 in the first half. Just peep the game flow chart:
The Tar Heels even set an NCAA Tournament record by scoring 55 points in the FIRST HALF, which game them another tournament record by having a 21-point lead at halftime. This marks yet ANOTHER example of a Big Ten team being dominated in a Championship game hahaha. You lose.
And yo, why was Magic Johnson at the game looking healthy as hell?? What AIDS??? Man, Family Guy was right, that nigga is down to one AID.

And for the record, I am neither a UNC fan nor hater. I was mad neutral with this game, but I think it's time to stop hating on Tyler Hansbrough. So he works his ass off, performs at a high level and he gets results. Four-time, First Team All-American, ACC/National Player of the Year, ACC All-Time Career Leading Scorer, and a 'ship. Why the hate?? You can hate the commentators for loving his dirty drawls, and his game might not transfer to the NBA. But that's not his fault.

I guess.

We Are The Champions [Rocafella Edition. Ow.]

[Note: As it turns out, my roommate's math was wrong and I didn't win my bracket after all. But the person who ended up winning didn't pay their money so I get my money back anyway. Haha Owwwwwwww.]

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