Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Bruce Pearl Is the MAN

As an avid LSU fan, I find it impossible difficult to find even a single reason to cheer for Tennessee. The one good thing about the school/athletic program is the head coach of the basketball team, Bruce Pearl. He's a coach that actually has fun doing what he does. From groping Erin Andrews, to cheering on the Lady Vols, he's one of the biggest personalities in college sports. And what he did on Monday was just more proof. At the Tennessee basketball award ceremony, Pearl showed up wearing an orange and white checkered blazer with no undershirt...and he rapped. [Or tried to.] This shit was hilarious and if I was a high school kid looking for a school to play for next year, Tennessee would have just shot up 10 spots. Ow. Check out the Bruce Pearl-inspired Countdown of the Most Memorable Sports Raps. [Note: The only missing is this. ESPN was wylin by leavin that one out. AND don't sleep on my man Les Miles at 3:20. Owww.]

Bruce Pearl is fucking wavy.

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